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Make life easier with smart home technology in your NYC apartment or home

Custom Smart Home Automation

Nothing says comfort and convenience like a house programmed to know what you need. 

Envision pulling into the driveway after work.

Your house recognizes that you’re home. Automatically, the outside lights turn on, the inside temperature adjusts and the hidden speakers start playing your favorite tunes. 

Bring your smart home to life! You deserve a safe, comfortable and convenient home.

Our goal is to help you make the most of the incredible smart home technology available, in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

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Accessible Home Technology for Everyone

Monitor deliveries before you open the door. Check on your kids from anywhere.

Automate the mundane, repetitive tasks in your home and give yourself the gift of more free time. 

Best of all, once installed, our systems are easy and convenient to use.

No complex training required – just the joy of relaxing with friends and family while your home makes life easier.

Designed with the Future in Mind

There’s no question technology changes fast.

That’s why we design all of our systems to support tomorrow’s technology. 

We take care to design your smart home’s cabling infrastructure in a way that technology can be easily interchanged as improvements come along.

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Home audio control

Hidden Music

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Home theater

Home Theaters

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Video Distribution

Distributed Video

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Savant home automation

Wifi Networking

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construction wiring

Construction Wiring

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Outdoor AV

Outdoor Living

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Lighting and shades

Lighting & Shades

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Smart Thermostats

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