Hidden Music & Whole Home Audio

With invisible speakers, play music throughout your home with the touch of a button

Beautiful Sound in Every Room

Simplify the joy of listening to music.

From a touch on your phone, select the mood or playlist and let the music play from speakers elegantly hidden in walls and ceilings throughout the house. 

When you wake up in the morning, play your morning talk show or podcast without getting out of bed. Keep the news or music going in the bathroom as you get ready for your day

Home audio control

Music that moves with you

As you move around your house, the music goes with you (without any unsightly cables or wires), so you don’t miss a beat.

Want to change up the music? Just use your tablet, smartphone or TV to change a certain room, or the entire home. 

And with cutting-edge technology and premium quality speakers, our audio system delivers warm, rich sound to every room.

Get Started on Your Hidden Music Project

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