NYC Lighting Control Solutions

Automated lighting control systems & motorized curtains, serving greater NYC

Complete control of your lighting and shades, from anywhere

All from your smartphone, change the ambiance of your room, set the lights to suit the mood, and control your motorized shades for a great view or complete privacy.  

At AV Solution we’ll help you create the right environment for any occasion.

Whether you want to adjust lighting for relaxed reading, a busy cocktail party, or a full movie theater experience, all it takes is a single touch of a button to set everything in motion. 

Energy Efficient Lighting

Your lights and shades can be pre-programmed to maximize natural light and reduce your home’s carbon footprint, all without any effort on your part. 

Automated shades living room

Improve Your Home’s Security

Lighting control and motorized shades also improve security. 

When you leave for a weekend away, select from customized presets that simulate a lived-in look.

When you come home late at night, the flood lights come on automatically, helping you get safely from your car to the door. And if you hear something in the night, one touch on your phone turns on all the exterior lights.

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